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Consumer & Business Lease

The advantage of a Consumer or Business Lease is that it enables you to structure the contract by selecting a term and you agree a suitable residual value with us, this allows you to tailor your monthly payments to suit your budget. Residual value risk is carried by you.  

And because the payments are fixed and known in advance, you have firm control over your vehicle budget.

After the lease period is over, the vehicle is returned to us. You then have the option to take out a new lease and upgrade your vehicle to the latest model.

Advance Rental > Monthly Payments > End of Term Options

For GST registered businesses 

This flexible leasing plan for business users offers possible tax benefits while improving cash flow.  

*When considering the above finance & leasing options, we recommend that you seek independent financial / legal advice based on your individual circumstances.

Further information can be obtained relating to these products along with their relevant fees & charges by clicking on the following link.



Queenstown Motor Group’s lending rates range from 9.95% - 14.95% (interest rate is fixed for term of loan). Rates may vary depending on many factors including the amount of lending, the terms of the loan, customer credit history, and customer risk profile.

Establishment Fee


Establishment Fee

This fee covers the cost of processing, assessing and approving your finance application. It will only be charged if your finance application is approved.



This is the cost to us of searching and registering a security interest on the Personal Property Security Register.


Credit Fees & Charges


Loan Variation Fee: 
(if and when we agree to vary your agreement)          


Loan Assignment Fee:
(if and when we agree to an assignment of your agreement)

Account Closing Fee: 
(when you pay us back)
Refund Fee: 
(if and when we refund an early payment you make)
Late Return Fee (leases): 
(if you do not return the vehicle to us at lease end)
Full prepayment Fee:
(If and when you repay your loan early calculated using formula in the agreement)

Default Rates & Fees


Default Rate is the higher of  3% above your annual interest rate OR 12.95% per annum


Dishonour Fee
(if any payment is dishonoured)


Repossession Warning Notice:
(When we send you the Notice)


Post Possession Notice:
(When we send you the Notice)


Repossession Agent:
(if we engage in a repossession agent)